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Provider Update: Updated Member and Employee Enrollment Packets

May 12, 2014

Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL), has updated the Member and Employee Enrollment packets for CD-PASS.  These changes will only affect Members and their Employees that are newly enrolling in CD-PASS, and existing Members that hire new employees. 

The PPL Member and Employee revised packets contain many of the same forms, but have been updated and reorganized into a three-part packet:

  • Part 1 – Informational forms (these are the explanations to forms in the packet)

  • Part 2 – Required forms (these must be returned to PPL)

  • Part 3 – Forms needed at a later date (i.e. pay rate adjustment, termination, etc.)

The goal of this change is to simplify these packets, grouping required forms together and limiting the number of signatures required (to the extent possible). Only the required forms will need to be returned to PPL.

The PPL Member enrollment packet is only available from PPL (1-866-537-8379). When an applicant is approved by the ADvantage Administration (AA), notice is sent from the AA to PPL.  PPL then mails the enrollment packet to the Member. PPL is already sending the revised enrollment packets to all new Members. Existing members will not be affected by this change.

The PPL Employee enrollment packet is available online (; no password or id is required) and by request from PPL (1-866-537-8379).  PPL mailed a letter on 5/7/14 to all current Members advising of these changes and recommending Members destroy copies of outdated Employee packets. Members may download or request new packets, as needed.

The revised PPL Member and Employee packets must be used for any new enrollment packets submitted after 6/30/14. 

Case Managers - Please review this with your CD-PASS Members on your next monitoring visit.

If you have any questions regarding the information provided above, please feel free to contact the AA via Smarter Mail at:

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