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OKDHS Adoption Program

The OKDHS Adoption Program provides legal services to adopting families free of charge. Our friendly and experienced attorneys represent families in uncontested adoptions of children in OKDHS custody. Since we are OKDHS employees ourselves, we are familiar with the way the Department is structured, so we can easily ascertain which workers we will need to contact to complete your adoption, as well as what has transpired in the child’s case so far. But please know, although we are attorneys employed by OKDHS, we represent you, the adoptive parent. While you are always free to choose whichever attorney you wish to finalize your adoption, we believe the OKDHS Adoption Program has so much to offer our families. Please reach out about our services—our attorneys can help you finalize your adoption quickly, smoothly, and properly! 

For new clients wishing to retain us for legal representation, please complete our Parent Questionnaire and Representation Agreement.


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Frequently Asked Questions

An uncontested adoption is one in which no other family or placement is trying to adopt the child rather than you. It means the child is currently placed with you and OKDHS has authorized you as the prospective adoptive placement.

No! OKDHS attorneys finalize adoptions in all 77 counties in Oklahoma and we will never turn you away due to travel requirements for finalization. We also represent out-of-state placements in ICPC adoptions finalizing in Oklahoma district courts.

No! If you wish to meet with our adoption attorneys, we presently meet with clients living some distance away via FaceTime or phone conference. Additionally, we also use mail and email to draft and complete necessary documents. Generally, families need only travel to the county where the adoption is filed for the final hearing. Our goal is to make the legal process as convenient and stress free for adoptive parents as possible.

No! Free! Really free. You will never pay for us to take your phone call, answer your email, or drive to your court hearing. (And we never get tired of telling families this good news.)

Last Modified on Feb 14, 2022
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