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Meeting Minutes

Thursday, April 12, 2018


Advisory Committee on Services to Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Thursday, April 12, 2018

10 a.m. – Room C-47 Sequoyah State Office Building

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

1.         CALL TO ORDER – Teri Egner, Chairperson

2.         ROLL CALL – Angela Donley, Secretary (Absent, Roll called by Wanda Felty)

LeKenya Antwine, Robin Arter, Marcellius Bell, Greg Crawford, Teri Egner, Wanda Felty, Bryan Ferguson, Ellyn Hefner, Sonya Hunter, Jennifer Jones, Consuela Logan, Eddie Miller, Nina Peschka, Terry Trego

3.         *APPROVAL OF MINUTES – January 11, 2018 - Approved

4.         DDS UPDATE/Beth's introduction as the new DDS director – Marie Moore

            (i) EVV update – Electronic Visit Verification will be effective January 2019.

(ii) Start update - Mr. Hester gave a presentation regarding a comprehensive assessment that will be completed by the University of New Hampshire called START. They will assess and advise DDS where improvements are needed with services. They will meet with focus groups and are partnered with Child Welfare. START will begin on February 8th, 2018 and continue through the summer. There will be a system-wide analysis in May to find out what is working and what can be improved. This could lead to a START team in Oklahoma.

As of now, the budget for FY 19 is unknown. The federal match will be increasing and we may be a head of the budget. We are hopeful we can get our rates back to where they were before the budget cuts.

DDS and Child Welfare are working with NASDDDS and OHCA to better serve custody kids.

The Waiting List Caucus met to create a respite waiver to support families on the waiting list. Cities would be able to tax ATV's and that money would fund the Respite waiver. This would also help with extra medications, nutrition and incontinence supplies.

DDS sent letters to everyone on the waiting list asking for updated contact information and as of today, we have heard from around 1,100.

5.         * APPROVAL OF RULES – Terry Trego, Policy Sub-Committee Chair

    • OAC 340:100-18-1. Board Certified Behavior Analyst license and Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst certification - Approved
      • This rule is revised to improve the Board Certified Behavior Analyst License and Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst certification application process for post military service members and their spouses. DDS will expedite the endorsement of licenses or certifications for post military members and their spouse applicants per Section 4100.1 of Title 59 of the Oklahoma Statues and;
      • Specific Autism references are removed because the Licensed Behavior Analyst Board does not feel that an Autism specialty designation is necessary because there are many other tasks these professionals perform.  
  • OAC 340:100-3-40. Community records - Approved
    • This rule is revised to include general requirements for electronic records.
    • To specify home record minimum standards for non-residential habilitation training specialist (HTS) services
    • Include the use of the newly created Form 06HM073E, Referral Form for Psychiatric Treatment or Examination and;
    • Remove the requirement that program coordination staff document home visits on Form 06CB035E, Site Visit Report. 

6.         PUBLIC COMMENT –

            * Possible Action Item

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