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New way to pay child support in Oklahoma

Monday, December 20, 2010

News Release

For Media Inquiries, Contact:
Jeff Wagner – Programs Administrator, Communications
(405) 514-1233

Oklahoma City -- Noncustodial parents may now make cash child support payments at kiosks around the state thanks to a new agreement between Oklahoma Child Support Services (OCSS), a division of OKDHS, and US Payments. The agreement is at no cost to the agency.
To make a payment, the customer can visit a US Payments kiosk and select Government/Agency from the bill category, then select Oklahoma Child Support Services as the biller to be paid. The customer then needs to provide the following information so the payment will credit properly:

  • Last name;
  • Last four digits of social security number or date of birth;
  • Family Group Number of the case the customer wishes to credit; and 
  • A telephone number with area code.

US Payments charges a $2 transaction fee to the customer. This fee is taken out of the total amount of money inserted at the kisok. For example, if the customer inserts $100, US Payments will send $98 to OCSS and keep the $2 fee. The customer will receive a receipt that shows a $100 transaction total and a child support payment amount of $98. The kiosk accepts only paper money and will not make change.

Once a payment is made, it will post to the child support case within two business days. If the customer calls OCSS about the payment, they will need the receipt reference number.

“For about the price of a money order, our customers may now make secure cash payments towards their child support obligations,” said OCSS spokesperson Jeff Wagner.

To find a US Payments kiosk near you, call US Payments toll free at (877) 876-7074 or visit (Link opens in new window).

In addition to making cash payments at US Payment kiosks, customers of Oklahoma Child Support Services may elect to pay their child support by income withholding through their employers, by debit card, credit card or automatic withdrawal through the OCSS WebPay website, or by check sent to the Oklahoma State Disbursement Unit.

Oklahoma Child Support Services is a division of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. OCSS enhances the well-being of children through its mission to establish, monitor and enforce a reliable source of support for the families it serves. The division is responsible for more than 195,000 active child support cases, collecting approximately $300 million a year on behalf of children and families.


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