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Library: Forms

Commodity Distribution Forms

Below is a list of official forms for the Commodity Distribution Unit. View or download and print the form(s) that are needed. Contact the Commodity Distribution Unit if you have questions about these forms.

  • Refrigerator and Freezer Daily Temperature Log 23CD002E  
    Formerly know as CDU-CC-2, this is the form used to meet the requirement of checking and recording the temperatures of freezers and refrigerators that contain USDA foods. Temperatures are to be checked daily or if there are holidays or other breaks they are to be checked so there is no more than a two day gap.

  • Loss Report 23CD003E
    Formerly known as CDU-CC-3, this is the form recipient agencies use to report losses of USDA foods. A commodity loss is inventory adjustments due to factors such as an unexplained loss of inventory during physical count reconciliation, theft, and food that is no longer edible due to age, damage, infestation or spoilage. This includes food diverted for further processing.

  • Reimbursement Claim Form (Form 23CD006E) 
    Formerly known as CDU-SNP-1, this form is used by Private Schools and Residential Child Care Institutions (RCCIs) who participate in the USDA's National School Lunch, Breakfast, Milk and Snack programs.

  • Transfer Slip (Form 23CD0008E) Formerly known as CDU-001, this form is used by recipient agencies to transfer USDA food items. Approval of the Commodities Distribution Unit is required prior to transfer of items.

  • USDA Donated Food Complaint Form (Form 23CD012E) This form is used by recipient agencies to report damaged or inedible USDA products to the Commodity Distribution Unit. The completed form should be sent to the Commodity Distribution Unit

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