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January 20, 2020


January 9, 2020

Laura Brown Adult and Family Services 405-521-4396

Dena Thayer, Programs Administrator 405-521-4326

Nancy Kelly, Policy Specialist 405-522-6703



It is very important that you provide your comments regarding the DRAFT COPY of policy by the comment due date. Comments are directed to *

The proposed policy is  Non-APA .  This proposal is not subject to Administrative Procedures Act

It is important that you provide your comments regarding the draft copy of the INSTRUCTIONS TO STAFF (ITS) ONLY by the comment due date.Comments are directed to *


Subchapter 2. Temporary Assistance fo Needy Families (TANF) Work Program

OAC 340:10-2-3 through 340:10-2-4 [AMENDED]

OAC 340:10-2-8 [AMENDED]

Subchapter 3. Conditions of Eligibility - Need

Part 1. Resources

OAC 340:10-3-5 AMENDED]

Part 3. Income

OAC 340:10-3-40 [AMENDED]

Part 5. Assistance Payments

OAC 340:10-3-56 through 340:10-3-57 [AMENDED]

Subchapter 4. Conditions of Eligibility - Mandatory Drug Screening

OAC 340:10-4-1 [AMENDED]

Subchapter 7. Conditions of Eligibility - Residence

OAC 340:10-7-1 [AMENDED]

Subchapter 10 Conditions of Eligibility - Deprivation

OAC 340:10-10-2 through 340:10-10-3 [AMENDED]

Subchapter 14. Conditions of Eligibility - Immunizations

OAC 340:10-14-1 [AMENDED]

Subchapter 18. Conditions of Eligibility for Support Service Funds for Child Only Cases

OAC 340:10-18-1 [AMENDED]

Subchapter 22. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Supported Permanency Program

OAC 340:10-22-1 [AMENDED]

(Reference WF 19-Q)

SUMMARY:340:10-2-3 Instructions to staff is amended to remove Key Train and career readiness certifications as types of assessments completed.

340:10-2-4 Instructions to staff is amended to: (1) remind staff when setting up a Subsidized Employment Program (SEP) placement to: (a)obtain Adult and Family Services TANF approval before completing the SEP contract with an employer; (b) update Form 08TW002E, TANF Work/Personal Responsibility Agreement, with the client for the new employment; (c) open a TANF Work authorization; (d) and image completed forms to the case record; (2) remind staff upon SEP closure to determine if the family remains eligible for TANF and when not eligible, to close the TANF Work authorization; (3) add information regarding an employer's responsibilities when claiming the Work Opportunity Tax Credit; (4) change the form used to report a workmen's compensation injury; and (5) update terminology.

340:10-2-8 Instructions to staff is amended to:(1) clarify that the worker does not issue the maximum possible work activity payment unless it is needed to fulfill the request; and (2) clarify that an OSBI background check is only authorized when one is required by the program or to be employed in the field.

340:10-3-5 Instructions to staff is amended to:(1) update information regarding Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) accounts; and (2) remove obsolete Internet sites regarding the market value of used cars.

340:10-3-40 Instructions to staff is amended to: (1) add information regarding paid internships through a Public Strategies TANF pilot program; and (2) update information regarding ABLE accounts.

340:10-3-56 Instructions to staff is amended to: (1) update the out-of-state inquiry form; (2) update hardship extension procedures; (3) clarify requirements when a hardship extension is requested to care for a disabled spouse or child; (4) update mental disorder codes when a hardship extension is requested because of mental illness; and (5) clarify and simplify language.

340:10-3-57 Instructions to staff is amended to: (1) add clarifying information; and (2) update coding instructions.

340:10-4-1 Instructions to staff is amended to:(1) clarify when an applicant may withdraw the TANF application with no drug screen required; (2) update the drug screening referral process; and (3) clarify documentation procedures when the client currently participates in an inpatient or outpatient substance abuse treatment program.

340:10-7-1 Instructions to staff is amended to update the out-of-state inquiry form and the procedure used to document out-of-state benefit receipt.

340:10-10-2 Instructions to staff is amended to:(1) add ways to contact the Oklahoma Health Care Authority Level of Care Evaluation Unit (LOCEU); (2) add Quest articles regarding how to complete a medical social summary, use MEDATS, and code incapacity; (3) add instruction that LOCEU no longer requires specialist examinations; (4) update form numbers and a policy citation; and (5) add instructions for the MDL and MDI screens.

340:10-10-3 Instructions to staff is amended to: (1) add forms staff may use to determine which parent is the principal wage earner, work history, and deemed eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits; and (2) update figures used in a work history example.

340:10-14-1 Instructions to staff is amended to change the required form to claim a good cause exemption from the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) Form 216-A, Certificate of Exemption, back to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Form 08TA017E, Immunization Certificate of Exemption.

340:10-18-1 Instructions to staff is amended to add specialized equipment or clothing for sports or school-related clubs to school activities eligible for support service funds.

340:10-22-1 Instructions to staff is amended to update; (1) policy citations; and (2) terminology.

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