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February 25, 2019


February 15, 2019

Jeff Wagner, Communications 405-308-7624

Dena Thayer, Legal Services - Policy, Programs Administrator (405) 521-4326

Nancy Kelly, Legal Services - Policy, Policy Specialist (405) 522-6703



It is very important that you provide your comments regarding the DRAFT COPY of policy by the comment due date. Comments are directed to *

The proposed policy is  Non-APA .  This proposal is not subject to Administrative Procedures Act

It is important that you provide your comments regarding the proposal to revoke Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) Regulations, Chapter 2, Subchapter 31. Legislative Relations and Policy.



DHS:2-37-8. [REVOKED]

(Reference WF 19-a)

SUMMARY:  DHS: 2-37-8 is revoked as the Oklahoma Department of Human Services no longer provides quality awards as outlined in this regulation.

LEGAL AUTHORITY:Director of Human Services; Section 162 of Title 56 of the Oklahoma Statutes (O.S. 56 § 162).


DHS:2-37-8. Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) Quality Awards [REVOKED]

Revised 8-1-14

(a) Purpose.DHS Quality Awards are led by the Communications and Community Relations director.The Office of Communications provides a point of contact for all inquiries.These awards recognize the most outstanding team projects developed, completed, or implemented by DHS staff and are presented at the annual DHS Quality and Employee Recognition Awards ceremony.

(b) Procedure.

(1) Any DHS work group or team is eligible to receive a Quality Award.DHS teams that include members who do not work for DHS are also eligible.Teams may be in permanent work groups, committees, or temporary work groups established to solve a problem or work on a short-term special project.

(2) Any DHS employee may submit a nomination for a DHS-related project or activity; however, all nominations are approved by office or program directors before submission.

(3) A Quality Awards judging and review panel, appointed by the DHS Quality Awards Committee, reviews all nominations.Panel members may be selected from within and outside of DHS.

(A) The review panel uses a 100-point, weighted scoring system in examining each team nomination with maximum points awarded for each of the Quality Criteria Questions in the categories of project:

(i) research;

(ii) plan development;

(iii) implementation; and

(iv) results and/or outcomes.

(B) The panel may choose to visit or contact the teams as part of the review process.

(C) The decisions of the panel selecting DHS Quality Awards winners and honorable mention recipients are final.

(4) The Quality Awards winners receive a team plaque or trophy and each team member receives a personalized certificate.Other awards and honors may be given.

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