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317:50-1-5. Medically Fragile Waiver program medical eligibility determination

Revised 9-14-18

A medical eligibility determination is made for Medically Fragile Waiver program services based on the Uniform Comprehensive Assessment Tool (UCAT) assessment, professional judgment and the determination that the member has unmet care needs that require Medically Fragile Waiver Program, skilled nursing facility (SNF) or hospital services to assure member health and safety. Medically Fragile Waiver services are initiated to support the informal care that is being provided in the member's home, or, that based on the UCAT, can be expected to be provided in the member's home upon discharge of the member from a SNF or hospital. These services are not intended to take the place of regular care provided by family members and/or by significant others. When there is an informal (not paid) system of care available in the home, Medically Fragile Waiver service provision will supplement the system within the limitations of Medically Fragile Waiver program policy.

(1) Categorical relationship must be established for determination of eligibility for Medically Fragile Waiver services. If categorical relationship to disability has not already been established, the Level of Care Evaluation Unit (LOCEU) will render a decision on categorical relationship to the disabled using the same definition used by Social Security Administration. A follow-up is required with the Social Security Administration to be sure their disability decision agrees with the decision of LOCEU.

(2) Community agencies complete the UCAT, Part I and forward the form to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. If the UCAT, Part I indicates that the applicant does not qualify for SoonerCare long-term care services, the applicant is referred to appropriate community resources.

(3) The member and family are informed of agencies certified to deliver Medically Fragile Waiver case management and in-home care services in the local area to obtain the member's primary and secondary informed choices.

(A) If the member and/or family declines to make a provider choice, that decision is documented on the member choice form.

(B) A rotating system is used to select an agency for the member from a list of all local certified case management and in-home care agencies.

(4) The names of the chosen agencies and the agreement (by dated signature) of the member to receive services provided by the agencies are documented.

(5) If the needs of the member require an immediate interdisciplinary team (IDT) meeting with home health agency nurse participation to develop a care plan and service plan, the need is documented.

(6) If, based upon the information obtained during the assessment, the nurse determines that the member's health and safety may be at risk, Department of Human Services Adult Protective Services (APS) staff are notified immediately and the referral is documented on the UCAT.

(7) Within ten (10) working days of receipt of a complete UCAT, medical eligibility is determined using level of care criteria and service eligibility criteria.

(8) Once eligibility has been established, notification is given to the member and the case management provider so that care plan and service plan development may begin. The member's case management provider is notified of the member's name, address and case number.

(9) If the member has a current certification and requests a change to Medically Fragile Waiver services, a new UCAT is required. The UCAT is updated when a member requests a change from Medically Fragile Waiver services to Personal Care services. If a member is receiving Medically Fragile Waiver services and requests to go to a nursing facility, a new medical level of care decision is not needed.

(10) When a UCAT assessment has been completed more than sixty (60) days prior to submission for determination of a medical decision, the UCAT must be updated to reflect changes in the medical condition; if submitted after ninety (90) days, a new assessment is required.

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