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317:45-1-2. Program limitations

Revised 9-12-22

(a) The Insure Oklahoma program is contingent upon federal waiver approval and sufficient funding that is collected and dispersed through a revolving fund within the State Treasury designated as the "Health Employee and Economy Improvement Act (HEEIA) Revolving Fund". This fund is a continuing fund, not subject to fiscal year limitations.

(1) All monies accruing to the credit of the fund are budgeted and expended by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) to implement the program.

(2) The program is funded through a portion of monthly proceeds from the Tobacco Tax, Title 68 of the Oklahoma Statutes (O.S.) ' 302-5 et seq., collected and dispersed through the HEEIA revolving fund, pursuant to 68 O.S. '' 302-5 (B)(1) & (C)(1) and 402-3 (B)(1) & (D)(1).

(3) The program is limited in scope such that available funding is not exceeded. Available funding includes the estimated annual deposits from tax collections, accrued interest, federal matching funds and any other revenue source deposited in the HEEIA Revolving Fund for the purpose of this program. If at any time it becomes apparent there is risk the available funding may be exceeded, OHCA must take action to ensure the Insure Oklahoma program continues to operate within its fiscal capacity.

(A) Insure Oklahoma may limit eligibility based on:

(i) The 1115 Waiver;

(ii) Tobacco tax collections; and

(iii) The State Child Health Plan for the State Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) under Title XXI of the Social Security Act.

(B) The Insure Oklahoma program may limit eligibility when the utilization of services is projected to exceed the spending authority, or, may suspend new eligibility determinations instead, establishing a waiting list.

(i) Applicants, not previously enrolled and participating in the program, submitting new applications for the Insure Oklahoma program may be placed on a waiting list. Applications, with the exception of college students, are identified by region. Regions are established based on population density statistics as determined through local and national data and may be periodically adjusted to assure statewide availability. Insure Oklahoma program size is determined by OHCA and may be periodically adjusted.

(ii) The waiting list utilizes a "first in - first out" method of selecting eligible applicants by region and program.

(iii) When an applicant is determined eligible and moves from the waiting list to active participation, the applicant must submit a new application.

(iv) Enrolled applicants who are currently participating in the program are not subject to the waiting list.

(v) For approved employers, if the employer hires a new employee after the employer's program eligibility begins, the new employee is allowed to participate.

(vi) For approved employers, if the employer has an employee who has a qualifying event after the employer's program eligibility begins, the employee is allowed to make changes pertaining to the qualifying event.

(b) College student eligibility and participation in the Insure Oklahoma program is contingent upon sufficient funding from the Oklahoma legislature. This funding is separate from the funding described in subsection (a) of this Section.

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