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317:40-7-13. Supplemental supports for center-based services

Revised 9-1-17

(a) When a member receiving center-based services needs additional supports, the provider assigns staff in patterns that most effectively meet the needs of each member as indicated by a personal care and/or a risk assessment and defined in the Individual Plan (IP) or Protective Intervention Protocol (PIP).

(b) When re-arranging staff patterns is not sufficient to meet the member's needs, the provider may file a request and plan for Supplemental Supports utilizing Vocational Habilitation Training Specialist Services. Supplemental supports are claimed only when provided by a staff member who completed all specialized training and individual-specific training prescribed by the Team per Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 340:100-3-38.

(c) Supplemental supports for center-based services include two types of services, behavioral continuous support, and personal care intermittent support.

(1) Continuous supplemental supports. Continuous supplemental supports cannot exceed 15 hours per week for persons receiving services through the Homeward Bound Waiver unless specifically approved through the exception process per OAC 317:40-7-21.

(A) To be eligible for continuous supplemental supports, the member must have:

(i) a behavioral PIP that:

(I) contains a restrictive or intrusive procedure per OAC 340:100-1-2 implemented in the employment setting;

(II) is approved by the State Human Rights and Behavior Review Committee (SHRBRC) per OAC 340:100-3-14 or by the Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) staff per OAC 340:100-5-57; or

(ii) procedures included in the PIP that address dangerous behavior that places the member or others at risk of serious physical harm. The Team submits documentation of this risk and the procedures to the DDS positive support field specialist to ensure positive approaches are being used to manage dangerous behavior.

(B) The Team documents discussion of the need for continuous supplemental supports.

(2) Intermittent Supplemental Supports.To receive personal care intermittent support, a member must have a personal care need that requires staffing of at least one-to-one during the time frame when the support is needed.

(A) When a member needs intermittent personal care support during center-based services, the Team documents discussion of the:

(i) specific support need(s) of the member, such as staff-assisted repositioning, lifting, transferring, individualized bathroom assistance, or nutritional support; and

(ii) calculations that combine the time increments of support to determine the total number of units needed on the Plan of Care.

(B) The case manager sends the documentation to the case management supervisor for approval.

(C) The case management supervisor signs and forwards a copy of the approval, denial, or recommended modifications to the case manager within two business days of receipt of the documentation.

(D) A member may receive center-based services and intermittent supplemental supports at the same time.

(d) Supplemental support for center-based services described in this Section cannot be accessed in community-based services.

(e) Sufficient staff must be available in the center-based facility to provide the supplemental support in order for a provider to claim the units.

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