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317:40-7-2. Definitions

Revised 9-12-22

        The following words and terms, when used in this Subchapter shall have the following meaning, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.

        "Commensurate wage" means wages paid to a worker with a disability based on the worker's productivity in proportion to the wages and productivity of workers without a disability performing essentially the same work in the same geographic area. Commensurate wages must be based on the prevailing wage paid to experienced workers without disabilities doing the same job.

        "Competitive integrated employment" means work in the competitive labor market performed on a full-time or part-time basis in integrated community settings. The individual is compensated at or above minimum wage, but not less than the customary wage and level of benefits paid by the employer for the same or similar work performed by individuals without disabilities. Competitive employment is an individual placement.

        "Employment assessment" means the evaluation that identifies the unique preferences, strengths, and needs of members in relation to work. The assessment determines work skills and work behaviors, is supplemented by personal interviews and behavioral observations, and incorporates information that addresses the member's desired medical, physical, psychological, social, cultural, and educational outcomes, as well as present and future employment options. The assessment is updated annually or more frequently as needed, and includes support needs, environmental preferences, and possible accommodations.

        "Enhanced rate" means a differential rate established to provide an incentive to provider agencies to provide community employment services to members with significant needs.

        "Group placement" means either two (2) to three (3) workers with disabilities making minimum wage or four (4) to five (5) workers with disabilities who may earn less than minimum wage situated close together, who are provided continuous, long-term training and support in an integrated job site. Members may be employed by the company or by the provider agency. The terms "work crew" and "enclave" also describe a group placement.

        "Individual placement in community-based services" means the member is provided supports that enable him or her to participate in approved community-based activities per Oklahoma Administrative Code 317:40-7-5, individually and not as part of a group placement.

        "Individual placement in job coaching services" means one member receiving job coaching services, who:

(A) Works in an integrated job setting;

(B) Receives minimum wage or more;

(C) Does not receive services from a job coach who is simultaneously responsible for continuous job coaching for a group;

(D) Is employed by a community employer or the provider agency; and

(E) Has a job description that is specific to his or her work.

        "Integrated employment site" means an activity or job that provides regular interaction with people without disabilities, excluding service providers, to the same extent that a worker without disabilities in a comparable position interacts with others.

        "Job coach" means an individual who holds a DDS-approved training job coach certification and provides ongoing support services to eligible persons in supported employment placements. Services directly support the member's work activity including marketing and job development, job and work site assessment, training and worker assessment, job matching procedures, development of co-worker natural and paid supports, and teaching job skills.

        "Job sampling" means a paid situational assessment whereby a member performs a job at a prospective employer's integrated job site in order to determine the member's interests and abilities. Situational assessments adhere to the Department of Labor (DOL) regulations regarding wages. The Personal Support Team determines the appropriate type and number of situational assessments for each member.

        "On-site supports" means a situation in which the job coach is physically at the job site providing job training to a member.

        "Situational assessment" means a comprehensive community-based evaluation of the member's functioning in relation to the supported job including the job site, community through which the member must travel to and from the job, and those at the job site, such as the job coach, co-workers, and supervisors.

        "Sub-contract with industry" means the provider agency enters into a sub-contract with an industry or business to pay industry employees to provide supports to members. When the industry agrees, the provider agency may contract directly with an industry employee(s) to provide the services. The state continues to pay the provider agency and the agency provides all pertinent information required for persons served by the agency. The Team determines what, if any, training is required for the employees of the industry providing services.

        "Supported employment" means competitive work in an integrated work setting with ongoing support services for members for whom competitive employment has not traditionally occurred or was interrupted or intermittent as a result of the member's disabilities.

        "Unpaid training" means unpaid experience in integrated employment sites per Sections 785.27 through 785.32 of Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations (29 C.F.R. '' 785.27 through 785.32). Members do a variety of tasks that do not equal the full job description of a regular worker.

        "Volunteer job" means an unpaid activity in which a member freely participates.

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