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317:40-7-5. Community-Based Services

Revised 9-1-19

Community-based services are provided in sites and at times typically used by others in the community and promote independence, community inclusion, and the creation of natural supports. Community-based services must reflect the member's choice and values in typical age and cultural situations.

(1) Approved community-based services are individualized work-related supports targeting inclusion into integrated experiences and are pre-planned, documented activities supported by a schedule relating to the member's identified employment outcomes.Approved community-based services activities include:

(A) active participation in formalized volunteer activities;

(B) active participation in paid or unpaid work experience sites in community settings;

(C) training through generic entities such as trade schools, technology centers, community colleges, or other community groups.The provider is paid for the time when direct supports are necessary and provided;

(D) stamina-enhancing programs in integrated settings;

(E) transportation to and from employment or community-based activities;

(F) meals and breaks during the member's employment activities that occur in the community at a location used for the same purpose, with others without disabilities;

(G) job tours or job shadowing scheduled with and provided by a community-business entity;

(H) using Workforce OK services; and

(I) attending job fairs.

(2) Any other work-related, community-based activities must be approved through the exception process, per Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 317:40-7-21.

(3) Community-based services continue when the member goes to a center-based facility for support, such as repositioning or personal care, as long as the member returns immediately to a planned community-based activity.The amount of time for the repositioning and personal care are based upon a Team-approved health care positioning plan.

(4) Community-based services are available for individual and group placements.

(A) Individual placement means the member is provided supports that enable him or her to participate in individual community-based activities described in this Section and not as part of a group placement.

(B) Group placement means two-to-five members are provided supports that enable participation in the approved community-based activities described in this Section.

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