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Library: Policy

317:40-5-60. Relief support for providers of Specialized Foster Care

Revised 7-11-05

     When natural or other unpaid supports are not available, the Specialized Foster Care (SFC) provider may request relief support.

  • (1) Relief units do not replace the responsibilities of the SFC provider on a regular basis.
  • (2) All relief units must be justified in the service recipient's Plan process.
  • (3) No more than 720 hours annually may be authorized unless approved by the Developmental Disabilities Services Division director or designee.
  • (4) No spouse or other adult living in the provider household may serve as paid relief staff.
  • (5) Consideration is given to authorizing additional relief hours when providing additional relief represents the most cost-effective placement for the service recipient and:
    • (A) there are multiple service recipients living in the home;
    • (B) the service recipient has an on-going pattern of not sleeping at night; or
    • (C) the service recipient has an on-going pattern of not working or attending employment services, in spite of continuing efforts by the Team.
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