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Library: Policy

317:40-5-63. Plan of action in Specialized Foster Care

Revised 7-11-05

(a) When a program concern or a violation of policy or contract is found in a Specialized Foster Care (SFC) home, a Plan of Action, (DDS-28) is initiated.

(b) The Plan of Action:

  • (1) is a joint effort between the provider and SFC staff;
  • (2) ensures that necessary services to the service recipient are not interrupted;
  • (3) states recommendations regarding the continued use of the provider home;
  • (4) is time limited; and
  • (5) is agreed upon by DDSD and the provider.

(c) Unless the Plan of Action is initiated for short-term outcome, reviews of the Plan of Action are conducted, at a minimum, each 90 days.  DDSD staff and the provider participate in the review.

(d) If new allegations occur or circumstances change while the Plan of Action is in place, an evaluation is made of the existing plan to redefine the action steps, time frames, and recommendations, if necessary.

(e) At the completion of the Plan of Action, a resolution is documented to confirm the agreed upon action steps that have been completed.

(f) If, at the completion of the Plan of Action, all action steps are not completed, but a satisfactory resolution is obtained, an addendum explaining the situation is attached to the Plan of Action.

(g) If the provider is unwilling or unable to satisfactorily complete the Plan of Action:

  • (1) the provider's home is recommended for closure;
  • (2) alternative placement is located for the service recipient; and
  • (3) the provider is given a written 30 day closure notice.

(h) A provider with an active plan of action cannot serve additional service recipients or provide respite until the plan is successfully completed.

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