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317:40-5-58. Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) Social Services Specialist (SSS) roles and responsibilities

Revised 9-12-22

        DDS SSS staff have the responsibility for:

(1) SFC applicant orientation and prescreening;

(2) Making contact with the potential SFC provider within five (5) working days of receiving a completed application to schedule interviews and start the home profile process, per OAC 317:40-5-40;

(3) Completing the home profile within ninety (90) calendar days after application assignment. The DDS SSS documents the reason for any delay beyond ninety (90) calendar days;

(4) Maintaining regular contact with the SFC provider by making a monitoring visit every six (6) months and completing OKDHS Form 06AC023E, Monitoring Report;

(5) Completing OKDHS Form 06AC024E, Specialized Foster Care/Agency Companion Annual Review (DDS-24) for the annual re-evaluation of each SFC provider home by the renewal date;

(6) Attending member's Personal Support Team meetings as necessary;

(7) Responding to SFC and respite care requests;

(8) Providing technical assistance and training to SFC providers regarding claims and resolution problem resolutions, such as:

(A) Payments;

(B) Family dynamics;

(C) DDS policy;

(D) Setting up the in-home record per OAC 340:100-3-40;

(E) Setting up the SFC provider record; and

(F) SFC provider training.

(9) Making unannounced home visits to ensure homes and providers are in compliance with DDS policy;

(10) Providing SFC providers with technical assistance and training regarding room and board responsibilities.

(11) Completing or obtaining the authorization for SFC services on OKDHS From 06AC075E, Authorization Form Parent or Guardian for Specialized Foster Care Placement and Medical Care of Client, that:

(A) Is signed by the parent or legal guardian for members not in OKDHS or tribal custody who are requesting SFC services; and

(B) Allows for authorization of routine or emergency medial care and provides insurance information.

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