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317:40-5-151. Intensive Personal Supports

Revised 6-27-02

(a) Introduction.  Intensive Personal Supports are support services which are provided to eligible persons who need a more enhanced level of direct support in order to successfully reside in a community based setting.  Intensive Personal Supports build upon the level of support provided by a Habilitation Training Specialist or Daily Living Supports staff by utilizing a second staff person on duty to provide assistance and training in self-care, daily living, recreational, and habilitation activities.

(b) Eligibility.  Intensive Personal Supports are provided by OHCA contracted provider agencies to individuals who:

  • (1) are eighteen years of age of older, unless approved by the Director of DHS or designee;
  • (2) receive Daily Living Supports and meet the criteria for additional Daily Living Supports given in subsection (f) of OAC 317:40-5-150; and
  • (3) require a second support staff in order to meet their intensive behavioral or medical support needs, when there is no other resolution.

(c) Service requirements.  Intensive Personal Supports, which are limited to 24 hours per day must be:

  • (1) included in the person's Individual Plan in accordance with OAC 340:100-5-51;
  • (2) authorized in the Plan of Care; and
  • (3) provided in conjunction with Habilitation Training Services.

(d) Responsibilities of provider agencies.  Each provider agency providing Intensive Personal Supports must:

  • (1) have current, valid contracts with OHCA and DHS/DDSD; and,
  • (2) ensure that any staff member providing Intensive Personal Supports has completed the training in accordance with OAC 340:100-3-38.

(e) Shared staff.  Direct support services are coordinated and shared among household members receiving services to meet identified needs.

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