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Library: Policy

317:35-9-48.1. Determining ICF/IID institutional level of care for TEFRA children

Revised 9-1-17

In order to determine ICF/IID level of care for TEFRA children:

(1) The child must be age 18 years or younger and expected to meet the following criteria for at least 30 days.

(A) Applicants under age three must:

(i) have a diagnosis of a developmental disability; and

(ii) have been evaluated by the SoonerStart Early Intervention Program or other appropriate healthcare provider, and found to have severe dysfunctional deficiencies with findings of at least two standard deviations in at least two total domain areas.

(B) Applicants age three years and older must:

(i) have a diagnosis of intellectual disability or a developmental disability; and

(ii) have received a psychological evaluation by a licensed psychologist or school psychologist certified by the Oklahoma Department of Education (ODE) within the last 12 months. The evaluation must include intelligence testing that yields a full-scale intelligence quotient, and a full-scale functional or adaptive assessment that yields a composite functional age. Eligibility for TEFRA ICF/IID level of institutional care requires an IQ of 70 or less, or a full-scale functional assessment indicating a functional age composite that does not exceed fifty percent of the child's chronological age. In no case shall eligibility be granted for a functional age greater than eight years.

(2) Psychological evaluations are required for children who are approved for TEFRA under ICF/IID level of care. Children under evaluation, including both intelligence testing and adaptive/functional assessment, by a licensed psychologist or school psychologist certified by the ODE, at age three, age six, and, if medically necessary, thereafter to ascertain continued eligibility for TEFRA under the ICF/IID level of institutional care. The psychological evaluation must be completed and submitted to the LOCEU no later than 90 days following the child's third and sixth birthday, and, if medically necessary, thereafter.

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