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Library: Policy

317:35-6-61. Redetermination of eligibility for persons receiving SoonerCare

Revised 3-1-24

(a) A periodic redetermination of eligibility for SoonerCare is required for all members. The redetermination is made prior to the end of the initial certification period and each twelve (12) months thereafter. A deemed newborn is eligible through the last day of the month the newborn child attains the age of one year, without regard to eligibility of other household members in the case.

(b) Effective January 1, 2014, when the agency has sufficient information available electronically to redetermine eligibility, eligibility will be redetermined on that basis and a notice will be sent to the household explaining the action taken by the agency. The member is responsible for notifying the agency if any information used to redetermine eligibility is incorrect. If the agency does not have sufficient information to redetermine eligibility, the agency will send notice to that effect, and the member is responsible for providing the necessary information to redetermine eligibility.

(c) A member's case is closed if he/she does not return the form(s) and any verification necessary for redetermination timely. If the member submits the form(s) and verification necessary for redetermination within ninety (90) days after closure of the case, benefits are reopened effective the date of the closure, provided the member is eligible and benefits were closed because the redetermination process was not completed.

(d) Effective January 1, 2024, a child who meets the criteria for continuous eligibility shall remain eligible for SoonerCare, until the earlier of:

(1) Twelve (12) months from the effective date of the child’s most recent certification period; or

(2) The child's nineteenth (19th) birthday.

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