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317:35-5-45. Determination of income and resources for children and parents and caretaker relatives

Revised 9-24-13

(a) Prior to October 1, 2013. Income is determined in accordance with OAC 317:35-10 for individuals categorically related to AFDC.  Unless questionable, the income of categorically needy individuals who are categorically related to AFDC does not require verification.  Individuals categorically related to AFDC are excluded from the AFDC resource test.  Certain AFDC rules are specific to money payment cases and are not applicable when only SoonerCare services are requested.  Exceptions to the AFDC rules are:

  • (1) the deeming of the parent(s)' income to the minor parent;

  • (2) the deeming of the sponsor's income to the sponsored alien;

  • (3) the deeming of stepparent income to the stepchildren.  The income of the stepparent who is not included for SoonerCare in a family case is not deemed according to the stepparent liability.  Only the amount of the stepparent's contribution to the individual is considered as income.  The amount of contribution is determined according to OAC 317:35-10-26(a)(8), Person acting in the role of a spouse;

  • (4) the AFDC lump sum income rule. For purposes of SoonerCare eligibility, a period of ineligibility is not computed;

  • (5) mandatory inclusion of minor blood-related siblings or minor dependent children. For SoonerCare purposes, the family has the option to exclude minor blood-related siblings and/or minor dependent children;

  • (6) the disregard of one half of the earned income;

  • (7) dependent care expense.  For SoonerCare only, dependent care expenses may be deducted for an in-home provider who, though not approved, would have qualified had the qualification process been followed;

  • (8) AFDC trust rule. The availability of trusts for all SoonerCare only cases is determined according to OAC 317:35-5-41.6;

  • (9) AFDC Striker rules. Striker status has no bearing on SoonerCare eligibility;

  • (10) ET&E Sanction rule. The ET&E status has no bearing on SoonerCare eligibility. However, a new SoonerCare application is required.

(b) Effective October 1, 2013. Income is determined in accordance with the Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) methodology for individuals related to the children and parent and caretaker relatives groups. See Subchapter 6 of this Chapter for MAGI rules.

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