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317:35-5-41.10. Changes in capital resources

Revised 6-25-09

(a) Capital resources of an applicant or member currently receiving assistance.  If the resource(s) of an applicant is in a form which is not available for immediate use, such as real estate, mineral rights, or one of many other forms, and the applicant is trying to make the resource available, the applicant may be certified and given a reasonable amount of time to make this available.  If a member who is currently receiving medical assistance acquires resources which increase his/her available resources at an amount above the maximum resource standard, he/she is given a reasonable amount of time to make the resources available.  A reasonable amount of time would normally not exceed 90 days.  The member is notified in writing that a period of time not to exceed 90 days will be given to make the resource available.  Any extension beyond the initial 90 day period is justified only after interviewing the member, determining that a good faith effort is still being made and that failure to make the resource available is due to circumstances beyond the control of the member. • 1

(b) Money borrowed on member's resources.  Money borrowed on any of the member's resources, except the home, merely changes his/her resource from one form to another.  Money borrowed on the home is evaluated in relation to the maximum reserve standard.

(c) Transfer of resources.  Rules on transfer or disposal of capital resources are not applicable unless the individual enters a nursing home or receives Home and Community Based Waiver Services, HCBWS/MR or ADvantage waiver services.  [See OAC 317:35-9, OAC 317:35-17, and OAC 317:35-19]


              1.Detailed documentation in case notes is required.

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