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Library: Policy

317:35-5-66. Electronic Notices

Issued 9-14-18

(a) The agency allows SoonerCare members the choice to receive SoonerCare notices and information through electronic formats.

(1) SoonerCare members who elect to receive electronic notices will have this election confirmed by regular mail.

(2) SoonerCare members will be able to change this election by regular mail, telephone, or through the SoonerCare application.

(b) The agency will ensure all notices it generates will be posted to the member's individual account within one business day.

(1) The agency will send an email or other electronic communication alerting SoonerCare members that a notice has been posted to their member account.

(2) The agency will not include the member's confidential information in the email or electronic communication alert.

(3) The agency will send a notice by mail within three business days of a failed email or electronic alert that was undeliverable to the member.

(4) At the member's request, all notices that are posted to the member's account may also be provided through mail.

(c) Electronic notices that are posted to the member's account which require the member to take certain action, submit additional documentation, or contain eligibility, appeal, or SoonerCare benefits information are considered the same as if the notice was sent by mail to the member.

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