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Library: Policy

317:35-17-23. Disclosure of information on health care providers and contractors

Revised 6-26-00

     In accordance with the requirements of the Social Security Act and the regulations issued by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, the OHCA is responsible for disclosure of pertinent findings resulting from surveys made to determine eligibility of certain providers for home health care providers and contractors under Medicaid. In Oklahoma, the State Department of Health is the agency responsible for surveying home health care providers and contractors to obtain information for use by the Federal Government in determining whether these entities meet the standards required for participation as Medicare and Medicaid providers.

  • (1) Following its survey of each entity, the State Department of Health sends a copy of pertinent materials, showing its findings, to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority, Contract Services/Service Contracts Operations, who forwards pertinent materials to the DHS county office in the county where such facility is located.
  • (2) Each county office is responsible for permitting anyone, who requests permission to do so, to inspect and/or copy such findings, if this is done within the county office. Such request to see these materials may be specifically related to one provider or may be a request to see the available survey materials on all providers. The requests need not be made in writing and the person making the request need sign no document in order to obtain access to the materials. No one can be given permission to take any of these materials from the county office.
  • (3) These materials are to be filed in an administrative file. Only the material requested by the individual is made available to him/her. The county director is responsible for devising a plan for assuring that all such survey material made available to an individual is returned by him/her before he/she leaves the office.
  • (4) When a new survey report is received on an entity, the former survey report on that entity is to be destroyed. A permanent file of survey reports is maintained in the OHCA.
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