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Library: Policy

317:35-17-21.1. ADvantage and agency Personal Care provider certification

Revised 6-25-12

     ADvantage Administration (AA) forwards information on all certified ADvantage and Personal Care agency providers providing services in the specific OKDHS area to the area nurse and OKDHS county director.  The provider information includes agency name, address, contact person for ADvantage/Personal Care programs, provider number, a list of ADvantage/Personal Care services the provider is certified to deliver, and other information as needed by OKDHS staff to achieve efficient service delivery.  The AA certifies ADvantage case managers and case management supervisors.  The AA maintains a master registry of certified ADvantage case management supervisors and case managers.  Case manager certifications are based on successful completion of ADvantage case management training and demonstration of competency in case management and, for supervisors, case management supervision.  As additional providers are certified in an OKDHS area or if a provider loses certification, AA provides appropriate notice to the area nurse and OKDHS county director in counties affected by the certification changes.  The OHCA may execute agreements to provide care only with qualified individuals and agencies and facilities which are properly licensed or certified by the state licensing or certification agency and, as applicable, Title XIX certified.  The agreement is initiated by application from the individual agency or facility.  The agreement expires on a specified date, with termination of the agency license or certification, or automatically terminated on notice, with appropriate documentation, to OHCA that the individual agency or facility is not in compliance with Title XIX (or other federal long-term care) requirements.  The AA certifies Title XIX providers of ADvantage services with the exception of pharmacy and medical equipment and supply providers.

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