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Library: Policy

317:30-5-754. Service quality review (SQR)

Revised 9-14-20

(a) Providers must maintain an appropriate records system. Current individual plans of care, case files, and progress notes are maintained in the provider's files during the time the member is receiving services. All services must be reflected by documentation in the records. Documentation of services must include all of the following:

(1) The date the service was provided;

(2) The beginning and ending time the service was provided;

(3) A description of the member's response to the service;

(4) The type of service provided (individual, group, or family session; group rehabilitative treatment; social skills (re)development; basic living skills (re)development; crisis behavior management and redirection; or discharge planning); and

(5) The dated signature with credentials of the person providing the service.

(b) There will be an SQR review performed by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) or its designated agent of each ITFC agency that provides care to members. The OHCA will designate the members of the SQR team. This team will consist of at least two (2) team members and will be comprised of licensed behavioral health professionals (LBHPs) and/or registered nurses (RNs). The SQR will consist of a survey of current members receiving services, as well as members for which claims have been filed with OHCA for ITFC services. Observation and contact with members may be incorporated. The review includes validation of certain factors, all of which must be met for the services to be compensable. Following the review, the SQR team will report its findings to the ITFC agency. The ITFC agency will be provided with written notification if the findings of the SQR have resulted in any deficiencies. A copy of the final report will be sent to the ITFC agency's accrediting body. Deficiencies found during the SQR may result in a recoupment of the compensation received for that service. The individual plan of care (IPC) is considered to be critical to the integrity of care and treatment and must be completed within the timelines designated at Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 317:30-5-753. If the IPC is missing, or it is found that the member did not meet medical necessity criteria at any time, all paid services will be recouped for each day the IPC was missing from the date the plan of care was due for completion or the date from which medical necessity criteria was no longer met.

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