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Library: Policy

317:30-5-661.7. Off-site services

Revised 6-25-07

(a) Off-site Services means services provided at a location other than the Center.  Off-site services are considered Health Center services if the physician's or other practitioner's agreement requires that he or she seek reimbursement from the Health Center.  Off-site services include services provided at mobile health clinics operated by the Center.  Services provided by Centers in school settings (i.e., the school has no responsibility/no contract with OHCA and a parental authorization must be on file) are considered off-site services.

(b) Medically necessary Health Center services provided off-site or outside of the Health Center setting are compensable when billed by the Center.  The Health Center must have a written contract with the physician and other Center core practitioners that specify that Center services provided off-site will be billed to Medicaid and, how such providers will be compensated.  It is expected that services provided in off-site settings should be, in most cases, temporary and intermittent, i.e., when the member cannot come to the clinic due to health reasons.

(c) In order to support the member's access to behavioral health services, these services may take place in settings away from the Center.  Off-site behavioral health services must take place in a confidential setting.

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