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317:30-5-607. Billing instructions

Revised 7-1-09

     The CRNA is responsible for entering the correct anesthesia procedure code on the appropriate claim form.  Anesthesia codes from the Physicians' Current Procedural Terminology or Medicare assigned codes should be used.

  • (1) Payment is made only for the major procedure during an operative session.

  • (2) All anesthesia procedure codes must have a modifier.  Without the modifier, the claim will be denied.  Payment to the CRNA is limited to 80% of the physician allowable for anesthesia services without medical direction using modifier QZ and 50% of the physician allowable when services are provided under the medical direction of an anesthesiologist using modifier QX.

  • (3) Certain codes in the Medicine section of the CPT are used to identify extraordinary anesthesia services.  Additional payment can be made when applicable for extremes of age, total body hypothermia and controlled hypertension.

  • (4) All other qualifying circumstances, i.e., physical status, emergency, etc., have been structured into the total allowable for the procedure.

  • (5) Hypothermia total body or regional is not covered unless medical necessity is documented and approved through review by the Authority's Medical Consultants.

  • (6) Payment for placement of central venous catheter, injection of anesthesia substance or similar procedures will be made only when the procedure is distinctly separate from the anesthesia procedure.

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