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Library: Policy

317:30-5-70.2. Record retention/Post Payment Review

Revised 9-14-18

     Post-payment audits of the SoonerCare program are performed routinely by state and federal agencies. This Section applies to any post-payment audit regardless of the agency performing the audit. Pharmacies may be selected at random, as a result of a peer comparison, or data analysis for audits. The pharmacy is required to provide original written prescriptions and signature logs as well as purchase invoices and other records necessary to document their compliance with program guidelines at the time of the audit. Written prescriptions must conform with the standards set forth in 42 United States Code, Sec. 1396b(i) and related federal regulations requiring the use of a tamper-resistant prescription pad. These standards do not apply to prescriptions transmitted via telephone, facsimile or electronic prescription systems. Original written prescriptions are defined as any order for drug or medical supplies written or signed, or transmitted by word of mouth, telephone or other means of communication by a practitioner licensed by law to prescribe such drugs and medical supplies intended to be filled, compounded, or dispensed by a pharmacist. Signature logs are defined as any document which verifies that the prescription was delivered to the member or their representative. This may include electronic forms of tracking including but not limited to scanning a bar code of the filled prescription. The electronic tracking system must be able to produce a copy of the scan for audit purposes. Records must be available for seven (7) years. Failure to provide the requested information to the Reviewer may result in a recommendation ranging from a potential recoupment of SoonerCare payments for the service to contract termination.

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