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Library: Policy

317:30-5-362. Documentation of records

Revised 5-27-96

All services offered by a rural health clinic are to be furnished in accordance with applicable Federal and State laws and regulations. These requirements include written policies as to the description of the services the clinic furnishes directly and also those services provided by agreement or arrangement.

  • (1) a clinical record system, which includes documentation of all services provided to the patient, must be maintained in accordance with written policies and procedures, and be available to on-site reviewers upon request.
  • (2) records necessary to disclose the extent of services the provider furnishes to recipients, including those records as just described, and any information regarding payments claimed by the provider for furnishing services must be retained for a period of six years.  The provider may, after one year from the date of service(s), microfilm or microfiche the records for the remaining five years.
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