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Library: Policy

317:30-5-361. Billing

Revised 9-12-22

(a) Encounters.  Payment is made for one (1) encounter per member per day. Encounters with more than one (1) health professional and multiple encounters with the same health professional that takes place on the same day and a single location, constitute a single visit except when the member, after the first encounter, suffers illness or injury requiring additional diagnosis or treatment. Medical review will be required for additional visits for children. Payment is also limited to four (4) visits per member per month for adults. This limit may be exceeded if the SoonerCare Choice member has elected the RHC as his/her/their Patient Centered Medical Home/Primary Care Provider. RHCs must bill the combined fees of all "core" services provided during an encounter on the appropriate claim form. Claims must include reasonable and customary charges.

(1) RHC.  The appropriate revenue code is required. No HCPCS or CPT code is required.

(2) Mental health.  Mental health services must include a revenue code and a HCPCS code.

(3) Obstetrical care.  The appropriate revenue code and HCPCS code are required. The date the member is first seen is required. The primary pregnancy diagnosis code is also required. Secondary diagnosis codes are used to describe complications of pregnancy. Delivery must be billed by the independent practitioner who has a contract with the OHCA.

(4) Family planning.  Family planning encounters require a revenue code, HCPCS code, and a family planning diagnosis.

(5) EPSDT screening.  EPSDT screenings must be billed by the attending provider using the appropriate Preventative Medicine procedure code from the CPT Manual. Payment is made directly to the RHC on an encounter basis for on-site dental services by a licensed dentist for members under the age of twenty-one (21).

(6) Dental.  Dental services for children must be billed on the appropriate dental claim form.

(A) EPSDT dental screening.  An EPSDT dental screening includes oral examination, prophylaxis and fluoride treatment, charting of needed treatment, and, if necessary, x-rays (including two bite wing films). This service must be filed on claim form ADM-36-D for EPSDT reporting purposes.

(B) Dental encounter.  A dental encounter consists of all dental treatment other than a dental screening. This service must be billed on the ADM-36-D.

(7) Visual analysis.  Visual analysis services for a child with glasses, or a child who needs glasses, or a medical eye exam. This includes the refraction and medical eye health evaluation. Visual analysis services are billed using the appropriate revenue code and a HCPCS code.  Payment is made directly to the RHC on an encounter basis for on-site optometric services by a licensed optometrist for members under the age of twenty-one (21).

(b) Services billed separately from encounters.

(1) Other ambulatory services and preventive services itemized separately from encounters must be billed using the appropriate revenue, HCPC and/or CPT codes. Claims must include reasonable and customary charges from the physical location where services were rendered/performed.

(A) Laboratory.  The RHC must be CLIA certified for specialized laboratory services performed. Laboratory services must be itemized separately using the appropriate CPT or HCPCS code.

(B) Radiology.  Radiology must be identified using the appropriate CPT or HCPC code with the technical component modifier. Radiology services are paid at the technical component rate. The professional component is included in the encounter rate.

(C) Immunizations.  The administration fee for immunizations provided on the same day as the EPSDT exam is billed separately.

(D) Contraceptives.  Contraceptives are billed independently from the family planning encounter. A revenue code and the appropriate CPT or HCPC codes are required.

(E) Eyeglasses.  Eyeglasses prescribed by a licensed optometrist are billed using the appropriate revenue code and HCPCS code. Payment is limited to two eyeglasses per year. Any eyeglasses beyond this limit must be prior authorized and determined to be medically necessary.

(2) Other ambulatory services provided off-site by independent practitioners (through subcontracting agreements or arrangements for services not available at the clinic) must be billed to the SoonerCare program by the provider rendering the service. Independent practitioners must meet provider eligibility criteria and must have a current contract with the OHCA.

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