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Library: Policy

317:30-5-336.12. Non-emergency ambulance and stretcher service transportation

Issued 12-21-06

(a) OHCA covers non-emergency ground, stretcher and air transportation to and from a medically necessary service.  To be covered, the member must be either:

  • (1) bed confined and unable to use another means of transportation, or

  • (2) the member's condition must warrant ambulance transportation.

(b) OHCA's Non-emergency Transportation (NET) program, known as SoonerRide, is the first choice for non-emergency transportation for scheduled medical services.  SoonerRide provides non-emergency transportation in accordance with all applicable criteria set forth in the American's with Disabilities Act (ADA).

(c) Regularly scheduled non-emergency medical services, such as outpatient dialysis, must be scheduled through SoonerRide unless the member's condition requires transport by stretcher or ambulance.  All claims for scheduled trips for outpatient services that cannot be provided by SoonerRide must be accompanied by the medical documentation to substantiate the need for the higher level of transportation and will be reviewed prior to payment by OHCA.

(d) Ambulance or stretcher transport for unscheduled emergent medical care is covered if the trip meets all applicable criteria.

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