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Library: Policy

317:30-5-336.9. Air ambulance

Issued 12-21-06

(a) Air Ambulance service, which includes fixed and rotary wing transportation, are covered only when:

  • (1) The point of pickup is inaccessible by land vehicle; or,

  • (2) Great distances or other obstacles are involved in getting the member to the nearest hospital with appropriate facilities and timely admission is essential; i.e., in cases where transportation by land ambulance is contraindicated; or

  • (3) The member's medical condition and other circumstances of the case necessitated the use of this type of transportation.  However, where land ambulance service would have sufficed, payment is based on the amount payable for land ambulance, if this is less costly.

(b) Only one base rate is allowed per trip.  Base rate includes the lift off, professional intensive care, transport isolate, ventilator setup, respiratory setup, and all other medical services provided during the flight.  No additional payment is made to the air service provider for bedside to bedside service.

(c) If the accident scene is inaccessible by air and a land ambulance must pick up the member to transport to a site where the air ambulance can land, the land ambulance trip is covered.  Air transportation is covered only to a hospital in this situation.

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