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317:30-5-241. Covered Services

Revised 9-1-17

(a) Outpatient behavioral health services are covered for adults and children as set forth in this Section when provided in accordance with a documented individualized service plan, developed to treat the identified behavioral health and/or substance use disorder(s), unless specified otherwise.

(b) All services are to be for the goal of improvement of functioning, independence, or well-being of the member. The services and service plans are to be recovery focused, trauma and co-occurring specific. The member must be able to actively participate in the treatment. Active participation means that the member must have sufficient cognitive abilities, communication skills, and short-term memory to derive a reasonable benefit from the treatment.

(c) In order to be reimbursed for services, providers must submit a completed Customer Data Core (CDC) to OHCA or its designated agent. The CDC must be reviewed, updated and resubmitted by the provider every six months. Reimbursement is made only for services provided while a current CDC is on file with OHCA or its designated agent. For further information and instructions regarding the CDC, refer to the Prior Authorization Manual.

(d) All outpatient BH services must be provided following established medical necessity criteria. Some outpatient behavioral health services may require authorization. For information regarding services requiring authorization and the process for obtaining them, refer to the Prior Authorization Manual. Authorization of services is not a guarantee of payment. The provider is responsible for ensuring that the eligibility, medical necessity, procedural, coding, claims submission, and all other state and federal requirements are met. OHCA does retain the final administrative review over both authorization and review of services as required by 42 CFR 431.10.

(e) Services to nursing facility residents. Reimbursement is not allowed for outpatient behavioral health services provided to members residing in a nursing facility. Provision of these services is the responsibility of the nursing facility and reimbursement is included within the rate paid to the nursing facility for the member's care.

(f) Services to members during an inpatient stay. Unless otherwise specified in rules, reimbursement is not allowed for outpatient behavioral health services provided to members who are considered to be in "inpatient status" as defined in OAC 317:30-5-41.

(g) In addition to individual service limitations, reimbursement for outpatient behavioral health services is limited to 35 hours per rendering provider per week. Service hours will be calculated using a rolling four week average. Services not included in this limitation are:

(1) Assessments;

(2) Testing;

(3) Service plan development; and

(4) Crisis intervention services.

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