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Library: Policy

317:30-5-233. Limitations

Revised 7-25-08

(a) Services billed by a contracted IBCLC are only covered when performed in the IBCLC's office setting, patient's home, or other confidential outpatient setting.  Payment for inpatient services provided by a Lactation Consultant is included in the hospital's per diem rate.

(b) No separate reimbursement will be made to a facility.

(c) Services are not to duplicate any basic breastfeeding education/training a member may have received through another program such as WIC or the Children's First Program and services must be problem focused.

(d) Services provided by a contracted IBCLC must be provided face-to-face and in an individual setting.

(e) Reimbursement is limited to not more than 6 sessions per pregnancy and must be objectively documented as medically necessary.

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