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Child Support Services brings HOPE and “happy tears” for mom of three

OKDHS Child Support Services’ (CSS) mission is to promote healthy families by establishing, monitoring, and enforcing reliable support while encouraging self-sufficiency and strengthening relationships. For a mother we will refer to as “Susan” to protect her confidentiality, the term “Child Support Services” took on a whole new meaning when a member of the CSS team became a lifeline during a very difficult time for her family.

Some time ago, Susan received a text message she could’ve never anticipated. In that message from her now ex-husband, “Bill,” she discovered that all of her family’s belongings had been thrown onto the front porch and she and her three children were without a home. The devastation and heartbreak continued for her family as she battled through her divorce. Mediocre attorneys left her with few answers or, even worse, yelled at her when she asked for clarifications on legal matters most of us would not understand.

Susan was mentally and financially exhausted. After nearly three years and an unnecessarily drawn-out divorce from a narcissistic and abusive marriage, Susan’s children were still not receiving their child support. Susan reached out to CSS and finally found the help and HOPE her family so desperately needed.

Chance Wimberly, Case Specialist II, in the Durant office was assigned to Susan’s case and provided support and guidance all along the way. Wimberly followed the case and provided timely and helpful updates to Susan. Despite the father’s arguments against paying child support during the final divorce action, Wimberly persisted through the entire CSS process of filling out needed documents, including an income assignment to automatically pull the child support amounts from the ex-husband’s wages. Once initial child support payments started rolling in, he was able to determine the arrearage past due amount and help Susan continue to steady her family.

Susan was so grateful for finally getting the help she needed and was moved to write an email to the Director of Child Support Services, Renee Banks.

“You and your team are apparently doing something very right,” said Susan. “Whether it’s been training, support, continuing education, pay, or maybe he’s just great at his job…Chance has been a breath of fresh air, and the kindness and competency I’ve desperately needed within this long-fought battle.”

Susan now receives almost $1,000 a month for her three children, plus a little more for past due payments.

“No child should go through what mine have,” she continued. “The amazing man (Chance) stepped in and stepped up for my children. My children were finally awarded the support they deserve in court, without a fight or difficult process to get that relief to them. That is where Chance was our saving grace. He demonstrated nothing but professionalism, kindness, competence, promptness, respect, and thorough guidance. Sometimes I had questions since I didn’t know the process and how things worked (how or why would I?). Yet never, not once, was Chance short, disrespectful, annoyed, or not responsive with clear guidance. He has made a huge difference and has impacted our lives probably more than he will ever know. I want to commend him and his service to a mother and her children who so desperately needed this relief. Pure grace.”

Along with acknowledging Chance, Susan also thanked all of Child Support Services, “with happy tears in my eyes and from the bottom of this momma’s heart.”

“Chance brings his best every day and we all benefit from his professionalism and the care he demonstrates to those we serve,” said Richard Long, Managing Attorney for the Durant CSS Office. “I want to thank him for being a HOPE Hero and what he brings to this office. Don’t say it enough, but thank you Chance; always impressed with what you do.”

Renee Banks, Director of Child Support Services, joins Susan in her gratitude to Chance.

“I am so thankful for the quality service the Durant office consistently provides to families,” said Banks. “A story like Susan’s tells us that even though we may not think of our actions as heroic, by putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes, their circumstances and our actions create a positive impact on their lives and bring them HOPE.”

The innovative team at CSS is dedicated to improving the lives of children and families and is the first choice for families, like Susan’s, who seek quality support services.

If you or someone you know is in need of or owed child support, please reach out to OKDHS CSS. The team diligently works in the background, through the legal remedies available to the agency, to collect what is owed to the hard-working parents and children of Oklahoma. Learn more or apply for services at

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Last Modified on Nov 17, 2022
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