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Thank you for visiting the Food Insecurity Grant page. The deadline for submissions was October 13th. Oklahoma Human Services will review submissions and contact submitting organizations in the near future with information on next steps.

If you are an applicant with questions about the status of your application, you may email them to

Food Insecurity Grants

It’s been estimated that more than 500,000 Oklahomans are experiencing food insecurity, and of these, nearly 200,000 are children. But in our state, we have the Oklahoma Standard – meaning we roll up our sleeves and help our neighbors.

The Oklahoma Legislature, through the Joint Committee on Pandemic Relief Funding, has allocated a portion of our state’s share of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Coronavirus State dollars to support food security in areas that have been negatively and/or disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. These one-time grants, totaling $12.5 million, will assist food programs to expand the availability of and access to affordable and nutritious foods and serve more Oklahomans.

With thousands of food pantries, non-profits, churches and other organizations tirelessly working each day to end hunger, we know there are programs that, with a little extra support, could help even more of our neighbors.

Eligibility Requirements – Who Can Apply?

Applicants must be a local or Oklahoma-based organization that addresses the issues of food insecurity through the availability of and access to affordable and nutritious foods – this includes food pantries, food distribution centers and other nonprofits addressing food insecurity.   

Applicants must meet all of the following criteria for consideration:

  • Be a qualified 501(c)(3) 
  • Provide direct services to residents of Oklahoma
  • Be in good standing with the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s Office
  • Be in compliance with applicable federal and Oklahoma tax laws for tax years 2019, 2020 and 2021
  • Be operational for a minimum of three years
  • Have completed and submitted the online form  

The Food Insecurity Grants may not be used to purchase food. They are to be used for making physical improvements or purchasing equipment to increase distribution and/or storage of food to areas in Oklahoma negatively or disproportionately affected by the COVID 19 Pandemic. This can include such things as:

  • Purchase a refrigerator or freezer to facilitate storage of cold goods.
  • Expand or remodel a room to add shelving and/or storage for dry goods.
  • Purchase or refurbish a vehicle(s) to transport food.
  • Other expenses that would help expand storage or reach of eligible food programs. 

Once all applications have been received, funds will be awarded to all applicants that meet the minimum requirements. Grant amounts will be based on the specific needs of the applying programs; number of applicants; and, applications received from organizations serving census-designated food deserts or low- or moderate-income areas that have substantial subpopulations (such as the elderly or disabled) who have low supermarket access. Geographic diversity, existence of other federal or state funding, measurability of the funding’s impact on the community, organizational need, and compliance with the provisions of the ARPA will also be considered. 

Last Modified on Nov 01, 2023
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