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April 25, 2024

1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Department of Human Services | Sequoya Building

2400 N. Lincoln Blvd.

Oklahoma City, OK 73105




Guardian Award

In 2010, seeing the need to recognize the work of elected officials, the Commission established the Guardian Award. Named after the bronze statue on top of the State Capitol Building, created by former Senator Enoch Kelly Haney, the Guardian embodies the diversity within the proud and strong population of Oklahoma. Only elected individuals of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of the Oklahoma Government are eligible to receive the award.

Guardian Award Recipients

The Oklahoma Commission on the Status of Women selected state Rep. Regina Goodwin, D-Tulsa, as the 2019 Guardian Award recipient during the OCSW monthly meeting. “The Commission is honored to recognize Rep. Goodwin’s legislative work to update laws that literally shackled women,” said OCSW Chair Maria Trapp-Braly. “Goodwin’s remarkable efforts on the passage of HB 3393 was signed into law that banned the practice of shackling pregnant women in labor while in custody of the Department of corrections. The new law directed the use of the least restrictive restraints on pregnant inmates.”

Senator Kay Floyd, Senate District 42, Oklahoma County

Senator Kay Floyd has championed numerous efforts on behalf of women, children, and families, authoring legislation to provide suicide prevention assistance in Oklahoma schools and reduce domestic violence.  During the 2017 session she filed legislation resulting in Governor Mary Fallin’s creation of the Oklahoma Task Force on Special Assault and Forensic Evidence to determine the number of untested rape kits throughout the state and develop recommendations for reducing the backlogs and better assisting victims. Senator Floyd received her award from Maria Trapp Braly, Chairman, Gloria Torres, Vice-chairman, and Kitti Asberry, Executive Director. 

Representative Nelson has worked to write and pass legislation to address Oklahoma’s problem of abuse to minors. HB 2964 will allow minors who are victims of sexual assault to consent to a forensic medical examination. In addition, HB 2965 will enhance child abuse reporting by permitting recovery of damages, costs and fees by specified parties. Both bills are major improvements for minors in Oklahoma.

Representative Jason Dunnington has been a champion for women and families by working on HB 2929, the discriminatory wages bill, better known as equal pay for equal work.

Senator AJ Griffin, District 20, Kingfisher, Logan, Noble, and Pawnee

Senator AJ Griffin, who is a member of the Commission, was instrumental in getting legislation into law to better protect kids throughout the state from sexual predators (SB 292.)The legislation closes a legal loophole regarding “zones of safety” limiting how close registered sex offenders can live or even pass by areas where children tend to be, such as parks, daycare centers and schools. Senator AJ Griffin received her award from Chairman Lou Kohlman (right) and Executive Director Kitti Asberry (left.)

Senator David Holt, District 30, Oklahoma  County 

Senator Holt received the award  from Chairman Lou Kohlman, for HB 2526 which  requires law enforcement to ask a series of questions of victims to assess their physical danger. The questions will help the victim understand the reality of the situation and will assist the law enforcement officer as they determine the most appropriate services toward which the victim should be directed.

Representative Dan Kirby, District 75, Tulsa

Representative Kirby received the award from Chairman Adeline Yerkes for House Bill 1347, which will require hospitals and other birthing facilities to perform a pulse oximetry screening on every newborn prior to discharge from the facility.

Speaker Kris Steel who had numerous bills passed during the legislative session which improves conditions for children, accepts his award from Chairman Adeline Yerkes. HB 3135:  Children; authorizing the release of certain records related to abuse or neglect, HB 2136:  Children; modifying abuse and neglect, and HB 2133:  Educational Improvement Act

Representative Pam Peterson is Shown accepting her award from Chairman Adeline Yerkes. Representative Peterson was instrumental in getting numerous bills passed which provided protection for victims of domestic violence. HB 1531:  Sexual battery; adding certain age to definition, and HB 1892:  Domestic violence and assault and battery-Modify definition.

Representative Ron Peters, District 70, Tulsa

Ron Peters has served in the Oklahoma House of Representatives from 2000 -2012 where he was selected to the House Leadership Team, and served as Presiding Officer. He also Chaired the Human Services Appropriations and Budget Committee and the House Energy Committee.

Last Modified on Sep 21, 2022
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