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Authorized Projects

State of Oklahoma Capitol Building under construction

The Authority first issued bonds to finance the construction of four (4) state office buildings directly north of the State Capitol building. Thereafter, the Authority has provided financing for facilities for the use and occupancy of various departments and agencies of the State. As of June 30, 2022 the Authority had 28 series of bonds and a TIFIA loan outstanding in the aggregate principal amount of ‎$1,552,547,000. Each of these series is subject to annual appropriation and each provides for a lease or other agreement between the Authority and the State department or agency which was authorized to use the proceeds of the bonds for one or more of its projects. These Agreement require the particular department or agency to make periodic payments to the Authority, which are accumulated by the Authority to pay debt service. Because different departments and agencies are involved, nearly all Authority bonds are separately secured and not issued on parity.

Of the active bonds series, OCIA currently has 13 active construction projects. The projects, from museums, roads, and  to prison facilities, vary as much as the location of the capital improvements currently being made. 

State of Oklahoma Capitol Building under construction
Last Modified on Jul 25, 2022
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