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What is the Oklahoma Agriculture Mediation Program (OAMP)?

Oklahoma Agriculture Mediation Program (OAMP) is a NO-CHARGE mediation service available to Oklahomans who would like assistance with resolving all types of agricultural and environmentally related issues, and to agricultural producers, their lenders, and other individuals who have received an adverse decision from any of the USDA agencies including Farm Services Agency, Natural Resources Conservation Service and Rural Development. OAMP, Inc. is the USDA certified mediation provider for the State of Oklahoma. OAMP, Inc. can also assist rural Oklahomans with resolving a wide variety of issues that affect their daily lives. These could include neighbor disputes, property issues, and farm foreclosures.

How can we help?

Not sure if mediation is right for your situation? We will explain your options and help you determine if mediation can help in your situation. We want to help people talk!


Support provided by: USDA & ODAFF

To find out more about mediation and Oklahoma Agriculture Mediation Program, Inc., you can view the following video clips.

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