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EVOK - Oklahoma's Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program

Expansion and enhancement of Oklahoma's electric vehicle charging infrastructure statewide.



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As ODOT continues to identify sites for electric charging stations, we would like to hear from you on what is important about charging station locations.  Please take the survey and provide your input.  Additionally, if you would like to have a presentation to your group about the NEVI program, please email us at


Expansion and Enhancement

The bipartisan infrastructure bill created a new funding program to assist states with expansion and enhancement of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.


Matching Funds

The National Electric Vehicle Formula Program (NEVI) provides Oklahoma more than $66 million in federal funding for EV charging infrastructure over the next five years. Oklahoma will have to match the federal funds with state, local and/or private funding.

Future Corridors

Oklahoma has successfully nominated several highway and turnpike corridors as Alternative Fuel Corridors. These corridors include infrastructure for CNG and electric-powered vehicles, along with additional corridors such as EV charging stations and future hydrogen stations.

EV corridors are planned throughout the State


Oklahoma NEVI Mapping Tool


Multi-Agency Effort

ODOT is working closely with state partners like the Oklahoma Secretary of Energy and Environment (OSEE), along with tribal governments and local stakeholders like the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments and the Indian Nations Council of Governments.


Rural Routes

The NEVI program will help expand EV charging infrastructure to rural and underserved areas.




Confidence in Travel

Building out Alternative Fuel Corridors with EV charging stations at least every 50 miles will help EV drivers travel through all parts of Oklahoma.


Program Partners

Joint Office of Energy and Transportation

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Reach out for inquiries about the program.

Program Details

Read more about the program as it becomes available.

Last Modified on Mar 05, 2024