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Differences Between a Modified Driver License and a Provisional Driver License

A Modified Driver License is issued during the mandatory period of revocation or denial to allow restricted driving privileges under specific terms and circumstances when it is determined that the person who has been denied driving privileges has no other adequate means of transportation.  In connection with a modified driver license there is generally a requirement that an ignition interlock device be installed at the person’s own expense on all vehicle driven by the person during the period of modification.  Driving times and purposes may also be limited.   

In connection with this type of modification, the person shall pay a statutory modification fee of $175.00 to the Department of Public Safety (“DPS”).  Further, the person is required to obtain a replacement plastic license at a cost of $25.00 from a tag agent with the wording “Modified” printed thereon.  The modified license will also indicate by restriction when the ignition interlock is required.   

Lastly, the modified driver license is only valid during the mandatory period of suspension or revocation.  When the revocation period is over, the modified license is no longer valid.  

A Provisional Driver License is issued after the expiration of the period of suspension or revocation under the authority of the Provisional Driver License Program (“PDLP”). The intent of this program is to allow persons, who have served their period of suspension or revocation and have done all that is necessary to reinstate, but have not paid the required statutory fees necessary for reinstatement of driving privileges to DPS, to be able to drive in a limited capacity.  

This limited driving ability is conditioned upon the minimum monthly payment of $25.00 to DPS toward the satisfaction of all outstanding driver license reinstatement fees.  In order to qualify for the PDLP, the person must be otherwise eligible to reinstate to full driving privileges; must have an unexpired driver license; must have current liability insurance in their name; must obtain a photo Oklahoma Identification Card; must pay a non-refundable $50.00 enrollment fee to DPS to enter the program; and the person’s suspensions or revocations must not have been as a result of certain offenses which by statute would disqualify the person from entering the PDLP.

Driving under this program is limited to the person’s need for driving between their place of residence and their place of employment or potential employment; during the scope and course of their employment; between their place of residence and a college, university or technology center; between their place of residence and their child's school or day care provider; between their place of residence and a place of worship; or between their place of residence and any court-ordered treatment program by statute.  

There is no requirement for the installation of an ignition interlock device under the PDLP.  The Provisional Driver License that is issued by DPS is a paper license, with the words “Provisional Driver License” printed thereon, which also lists where and when driving is authorized.

Last Modified on Oct 05, 2020
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