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General Questions

Regular operating hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm CDT, excluding state holidays.

Release of Information

The OCTIC produces public information bulletins when a need arises that are sometimes directed to a specific industry or sector. These bulletins may be posted on this website as appropriate.

State and Federal laws guide how the OCTIC protects information. The OCTIC complies with its privacy policy, 28 CFR part 23, which is a federal regulation on the handling of information, and has adopted the third party rule, which prohibits the release of information without the owner of that informations consent. Access the OCTIC Privacy Policy.

Providing Information

The OCTIC is an "all crimes" center, so we are interested in all types of criminal activity. Our primary focus is in terrorism prevention, so suspicious activity, violent groups, or individuals who break away from lawful activist groups because the groups are not aggressive enough are some examples of the information the OCTIC is interested in.

Last Modified on Jan 03, 2024