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Commissioner Tim Tipton

Tim Tipton was appointed as Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety by Governor Kevin Stitt on September 10, 2021.
Commissioner Tipton has been with DPS/OHP since 1988. Tipton was initially hired as a gunsmith/ammunition reloader. Commissioner Tipton eventual transitioned to OHP and has held various positions as a Trooper, including lead instructor in the defensive tactics and firearms training unit, Troop A, and executive security.

Tipton served as a field supervisor in Troop A and Troop Z “Investigations Division”, before promoting to Captain over Troop K in Perry. Before being appointed as Commissioner, Tipton’s most recent assignment was commander of the Emergency Services Unit “ESU”, where he directed the OHP Tactical Team, Emergency Response Team, Mobile Field Force, and Emergency Medical Services Unit.

During Tipton’s 33 years of service, he has been recognized by numerous federal and state courts as a police practices subject matter expert. Commissioner Tipton has recently received a Force Science Specialist certification from the Force Science Institute.

Last Modified on Apr 11, 2024
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