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Nicole Flemming, Chief

We Change Lives!  The Offender Advocacy Unit was established in 2023 to include the voice of those at the core of our foundation. This unit is specifically tasked with data collection and analysis to improve the environment and overall well-being of those in the care of ODOC.

The Office of Offender Advocacy (OOA) proudly and diligently works towards developing efficient means and processes to serve ODOC offenders. The division’s essential role involves capturing the voices of offenders to improve overall quality care and well-being.

It is important to note that ODOC procedure OP-090124, Inmate/Offender Grievance Process, and each facility’s respective chain of command remain in place to address an offender’s individual issues and concerns. This procedure protects their civil rights.

The Community Outreach Unit remains the primary resource for offender families and support systems. For more information, please visit the following link:  Offender Resources

Last Modified on Sep 06, 2023