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Other Training Opportunities of the Council

The Council works to inform and educate individuals with disabilities, families, professionals in the disability field, advocacy groups, policymakers and the public on various topics related to disability, free of charge.  Staff members can create and deliver customized trainings for organizations, schools, and other groups.

Previous training topics are listed below.

  • Disability awareness:
    • etiquette, people first language, respectful language
  • Self-advocacy / leadership skills
  • Assistive Technologies & Resources
  • Family Employment Awareness Training (FEAT)
  • Person Centered Thinking:
    • Full PCT Training (in a 2-day, 4-day, or other format)
    • Developing 1-page descriptions
  • Charting the LifeCourse:
    • The principles of the LifeCourse (Buckets of Support, Life domains, life categories, Trajectory, Integrated Star)
    • Using the tools
  • Internet / Social media safety
  • Financial / budgeting
  • Able Act & OK Stable Accounts 
  • Legislative advocacy skills
  • History of disability in the US 

Get Connected

Join our community of learning and exchange knowledge, build capacity, and engage collaboratively. If you prefer to discuss via phone please give us a call at 405-521-4984.

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Last Modified on Mar 13, 2023
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