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Consumer Involvement / Professional Development Fund

The Council sets aside funds annually to assist advocates to participate in conferences, workshops, trainings, and other short-term educational programs. The Council provides this support to build community capacity in Oklahoma. It is our expectation that advocates who receive assistance will share information learned with others. This information exchange increases knowledge in Oklahoma and ultimately improves services for persons with developmental disabilities. 

  • Persons with disabilities
  • Immediate family members: parent, sibling, child, spouse or guardian
  • Service providers or educators who demonstrate that their organization cannot fund the request
  • Active graduates of Oklahoma Partners in Policymaking or Oklahoma Youth Leadership Forum

Note: The Council will fund no more than one request per individual or family every two years. 

  • Complete our online application.
  • Submit your complete application no less than 6 weeks before your event. 
  • Email a copy of the official conference brochure. This should show the event title and any sponsors of the conference or event; dates, times and locations of the conference, the designated hotel for overnight stays, including the rates and hotel phone number; and the conference registration information and cost.
  • Email an itemized budget showing the total costs of event, the total funding requested and the costs applicant will cover or secure from another source. Budget must contain information on travel; registration fees; lodging; per diem (for meal expenses); local transportation/airport parking; and respite or attendant care, if requested. The Council does not pay for travel to or from a conference. Those costs must be covered by the traveler or third party.
  • Incomplete applications will be returned with requests for additional information. Resubmitted applications will be reconsidered only if the paperwork is complete and still meets the 6-week timeline.
  • If you need assistance in developing your request, or if you would like further information, please call the  Council at (405) 521-4984. 

Maximum requests may not exceed $1000 for individuals, or $2000 per family. For a family to receive full funding there must be a relevant reason for attendance such as a conference track on siblings or a clinical or experiential opportunity with an expert in the field.

The Council requires persons attending a conference with Council support to provide at least 25% of the costs. This can be from personal funds or another supporter, such as another state agency, private foundation, private service agency, employer, family or community of faith. Funds used for optional expenses used for recreational opportunities and banquets will not count toward the 25% personal investment.

  1. Complete our Council feedback survey related to the conference or event. 
  2. Share copies of all informational materials gathered at the conference with the Council.
  3. Contact your federal and state legislators and offer to share information learned with them. Copies of these letters should be emailed to the Council. 
  4. Develop a brief fact sheet of information gathered at the conference, track, and document the people with whom you share this information for one year. This information should be shared with the Council. 
  5. Track and report the number of people with whom you shared the information for one year.
  6. As requested, prepare a brief report and/or presentation for Council Members.

Failure to adhere to these requirements will result in non-consideration of any subsequent requests to the Consumer Involvement Fund / Professional Development Fund. 

Get Connected

If you have other questions related to Consumer Involvement Fund, please use the form below. If you prefer to discuss via phone please give us a call at 405-521-4984.

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Last Modified on Mar 13, 2023
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