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Oklahoma Aging Advocacy Leadership Academy (OAALA)

The mission of Oklahoma Aging Advocacy Leadership Academy (OAALA) is to identify, train and develop volunteer leaders, aging services professionals, and advocates in issues related to aging. Through the Academy, persons are empowered to become committed leaders for today and tomorrow to successfully advocate for Oklahoma’s aging population.

The Council is focused on addressing issues along the entire lifespan of all individuals. As individuals with developmental disabilities and their families live their good lives, services and support needs will change as they grow older. The collaboration between the Council and Community Living, Aging, and Protective Services (CAP) works to increase Oklahoma’s capacity to advocate for issues related to aging and develop solutions to address the unmet needs of seniors.

OAALA participants hear from experts on a wide variety of topics while also developing relationships with other advocates to gain the skills to successfully impact their communities. Participants complete projects to enhance the wellbeing of the aging population throughout the state. Some examples of projects completed by participants in the past include new housing options, socialization options, community partnerships, and education for professionals working with aging populations.

Council staff works with OAALA staff in encouraging advocates to apply and attend as well as are included in the list of speakers for the class.

This collaboration supports the Council’s Goal 1, Objective 3 of its 5-Year State Plan as we work to increase the number of individuals with developmental disabilities, family members, and professionals who are skilled and empowered advocates in individual and systems change advocacy.

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Last Modified on Mar 14, 2023
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