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Device Certification, Licensing and Fees

Fee Cost (Annual)
Ignition Interlock Service Center License   $100.00
Ignition Interlock Technician License $35.00
Ignition Interlock Tecnician License Renewal $25.00
Ignition Interlock Device Certification fee $1,000.00
Portal fee

Service Center and Technician Licensing

Ignition Interlock Service Centers

Any service center located in the state of Oklahoma must be licensed by the Board. The only person who may request a service center license is a manufacturer's vendor.  Any vendor seeking licensure for a service center shall submit a "Vendor Request for Licensure" and remit the appropriate fee.

A service center shall be located in a fixed facility which:

  • Has publicly displayed hours of operation with at least one (1) ignition interlock technician duly licensed by the Board present during those hours of operation, and
  • Properly and successfully accommodates installation, maintenance and calibration, removal and any other necessary services related to a specific device.
  • Each service center will be inspected annually by an ignition interlock inspector or designated representative of the Board.  Additional inspections may be performed as needed or as directed by the Board.
  • The vendor shall inform the Board of a licensed service center change of address within fifteen days of the change.
  • The applicant shall complete the service center license process.
  • Each application for licensure shall be for a single service center.  Separate service center applications are required for additional service centers or multi branded sites.

Ignition Interlock Technician

No person may perform any service(s) related to any device in this state without being duly licensed by the Board or having express written consent from the Board. The only person who may request an ignition interlock technician license is a manufacturer's vendor.  Any vendor seeking licensure for an ignition interlock technician shall submit a "Vendor Request for Licensure" and remit the appropriate fee.

An applicant who has been convicted of, or plead guilty or nolo contendere, to an alcohol related traffic offense or any offense classified as a felony, within five (5) years prior to the date of filing of the applicant's application for licensure as an ignition interlock technician may not be eligible for licensure. For purposes of this section, a conviction means the applicant was adjudicated guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction.

An applicant must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

An applicant must possess a valid driver license without any requirements for ignition interlock.

The applicant shall:

  • Complete the ignition interlock technician license process.
  • Complete and score an 80% or higher on a knowledge and skills examination administered by the Board.
  • Submit a criminal history report certified within the immediately preceding thirty (30) days from either the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation or, if the applicant has not lived in Oklahoma for the immediately preceding five (5) years, a criminal background check from the agency responsible for keeping criminal history in the state or states of previous residence.
  • Each application for licensure shall be for a single ignition interlock technician.  Separate ignition interlock technician applications are required for additional ignition interlock technicians.

Terms of Licensure

All service center and technician licenses expire June 30th of each year. 

License Renewal

The annual license renewal is during the month of June.

Service Center and Technician Licensing System

Approved Device Manufacturers Sign-in to license an ignition interlock service center and/or technician.

Device Certification Process

Term of Certification

All device certifications expire June 30th of each year. Device certifications are not managed in the Licensing System, therefore, please contact the Ignition Interlock Program Administrator to discuss any requests for device certification. 

* Please be aware that all initial device certifications will require compliance testing and the Board will only conduct two testing series prior to approving or denying certification.  The Ignition Interlock Program Administrator can be contacted for further questions and clarification. 

No device may be used in the state of Oklahoma unless it has been approved by the Board.

A manufacturer representative seeking certification of a device shall:

  • Complete an application for certification of an ignition interlock device provided by the Ignition Interlock Program Administrator.
  • Provide proof, as deemed appropriate by the Board, the device for which certification is being sought in Oklahoma meets or exceeds the current National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) specifications.(2013 Model Specifications for Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices - 78 FR 26862.)
  • Provide a current manufacturer's ISO 9001:2015 certification issued by an accredited registrar within the scope requirements provided by the Board.
  • Provide a certificate of insurance, issued by an insurance company authorized to transact business in Oklahoma, specifying:
    • (A) A product liability policy with a current effective date;
    • (B) The name and model number of the device model covered by the policy;
    • (C) Policy coverage of at least one million dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence and three million ($3,000,000) in the aggregate;
    • (D) The manufacturer as the insured and the state of Oklahoma as an additional insured;
    • (E) Product liability coverage for defects in manufacture, materials, design, calibration, installation, and operation of the device; and
    • (F) The manufacturer will notify the Board immediately upon notice of cancellation the product liability policy.
  • Devices shall use fuel cell technology for breath alcohol test and a camera in accordance with the Board Administrative Rules.
  • Agree to ensure any service performed on a device installed pursuant to an Oklahoma Installation Authority shall be in compliance with all requirements.
  • Provide a schedule of all fees that may be charged to a participant. A participant shall not be imposed or required to pay any unscheduled fee(s). Such submission of schedule of fees shall be on an approved form provided by the Board. Any modification to the schedule of fees shall be submitted to the Board at least thirty (30) days prior to implementation.
  • Agree to ensure proper record maintenance and provide testimony relating to any aspect of the installation, service, repair, use, removal, interpretation of any report or information recorded in the data storage system of a device or performance of any other duties required at no cost on behalf of the State of Oklahoma or any political subdivision.
  • Authorize the Board of Tests to release records viewable by the agency to law enforcement representatives for investigative purposes on Board letterhead.
  • Advise the Board whether the device for which certification is being sought in Oklahoma is the subject of any action to disallow, or has ever been, in any way, disallowed for use in another state whether such action occurred before or after approval in Oklahoma and if or when such action is or has been appealed in the other state and the outcome of the appeal.
  • Upon request of the Board, for each device submitted for certification or certified under this section, agree to install the device with all proposed anti-circumvention features activated in a vehicle provided by the Board.  Any service performed pursuant to this section, including but not limited to, installation, maintenance, calibration or removal shall be completed at no cost to the Board.
  • Agree to only distribute Board approved solicitations. Such requests for approval shall be submitted with a form provided and approved by the Board prior to distribution.

The Board may conduct compliance testing on the device submitted for certification.

Certification shall be for only one device model.

Approved devices shall be recognizable, as such, upon visual inspection.

Last Modified on Nov 01, 2023