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New Breath-Alcohol Operators Permit

PERMIT FEE: $62.00

The Board of Tests for Alcohol and Drug Influence (BOT) is pleased to offer this online service that will enable you to obtain a new breath-alcohol operators permit.  


To qualify for a breath-alcohol operators permit you MUST be a qualified employee of a recognized Oklahoma law enforcement agency or *Employees of Federal or Tribal law enforcement agencies, whose duties include performance or training of Breath-Alcohol Analysis Testing and/or attending a CLEET certified academy.

* Nothing in Board rule requires the employees of Federal or Tribal law enforcement agencies to obtain a permit to conduct breath tests in support of Federal or Tribal enforcement.

Steps for Application

Step #1: Sign-up

Click the 'Continue' button located at the bottom of this section.  Select 'No' and 'Continue' on the next screen to access the system. When you complete the 'User Information' section and save the 'Main Menu' will appear.

Step #2: Update Info

Access the 'Update User Info' page and provide the required information.  Access the 'Operator Manuals and Tests' page and complete the mandatory tests.  Once you have successfully completed the tests you will be allowed to select a class date by continuing to course selection.

Step #3: Payment

Select a preferred method of payment and click continue.  If you select 'Credit Card', enter all required fields and hit continue. The system will process the information and produce a receipt that you can print for your record.  If you select the 'Purchase Order' option, click continue and the system will produce a receipt that you can print for your record.

Print Permit

Congratulations!  Upon successful completion of the 10-hour operator course, you will be able to log into the system to print your permit.  Please ensure you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer so you will be able to print your permit.

Need to renew a permit instead?  

Renew an existing breath-alcohol operator's permit

Last Modified on Jan 02, 2024