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An Introduction to Ignition Interlock Devices

Participants often have questions about the IID and how it operates.  The service center where you have the IID installed is the best source of information about the operation of the specific device.  However, here are the answers to some common questions regarding IID operation:

• The IID will not shut the engine off when a re-test is skipped or failed.
• If the vehicle stalls, the IID will allow the engine to be re-started without a breath sample for two (2) minutes. 
• The IID will measure alcohol whether it is on your breath or in the ambient air inside the vehicle.  Avoid using perfume, breath spray, mouth wash, or other products containing alcohol immediately prior to taking a test.  

Choosing a Device

• The State of Oklahoma has approved a number of IID Manufacturers and devices.
• Prices, devices, and service center locations vary by Manufacturer.
• It is recommended that you contact each Manufacturer to determine the best fit for your budget and lifestyle.  The Board requires all manufacturers submit their fee schedule to the agency prior to implementation and no fees may be assessed to a IDAP participant unless they appear on the submitted fee schedule. 
• Access to a recorded list of Approved Device Manufacturer’s corporate toll-free phone numbers is provided by calling 405-425-2142.  You may also access the list of approved Manufacturers and devices by visiting: Oklahoma Approved Ignition Interlock Devices List.

Last Modified on Jan 24, 2023
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