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Employer Vehicle Exceptions

Occasionally, a participant may have employment that requires operating a company vehicle.  The BOT IDAP program interlock requirement applies to all participant operated vehicles.  An employer may request an interlock device not be installed on their company vehicle.  The company vehicle must be owned or leased, as reflected on the vehicle registration. Rental vehicles do not qualify for exception.  Only BOT IDAP Participants enrolled in a 180 Day program are eligible and the exception only authorizes Class D driving privileges.

Participants granted an employer exception are not relieved of the requirement to install an ignition interlock device on a vehicle as reflected on an Installation Verification Form.  Such authorization for exception shall only apply to IDAP participants operating under the course and scope of employment.

(A)  Such requests shall be in writing and notarized on the official letterhead of the employer with a copy of the vehicle registration and submitted by the employer to the Board; provided, a request shall not be accepted by the Board under the following circumstances:

(i) When the person is self-employed or owns part or all of the company or corporation, or exercises control over some part of the business which owns or leases the vehicle; or

(ii) When the person is employed by a relative who is within the first degree of consanguinity (spouse, parent, child) or who resides in the same household.

The Board will review the request and maintain an approved copy for agency records in the IDAP participant's file.  The Board will submit the approved document back to the employer.  IDAP participants shall keep the approved exception on them at all times they are operating the employer vehicle.

Participants denied an employer exception may appeal the denial.

Last Modified on Oct 09, 2023
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